What We Do

We provide you with a full e-commerce business in a box with a proven model for rapid success.

Simple Setup

From the day your licence is secured we can have you ready to launch your business within three weeks

Unbeatable Technology

We build your custom branded apps and website for your users to order from - our technology is second to none!

Unlimited Support

We guide you from start to finish to ensure your business is a success – we are always on hand to help you grow!

What We Offer

A Local Shops franchise comes with outstanding support, including..

Admin & Legal

We’ve got you covered on invoicing, contracts, policies and payment processing so you can concentrate on growing your business profits.

Customer support

Our customer support team handle all outlet enquiries for you and your shops meaning that you have no need to hire staff.

Marketing Support

We provide the proven marketing support and tools that will first help you to launch and then accelerate your brand new business.

What Can I Earn?

Our licensees often see hugely accelerated launches with up to 5,000 orders within their first three months.

Constant Growth

We’ve got you covered on invoicing, contracts, policies and payment processing so you can concentrate on growing your business profits.

Proven Results

Using our unique model, current licensees are earning an average of £5,000 per month. Download our brochure to find out how.

Unlimited Earnings

Each of our licensees have processed over 5,000 orders within their first three months – That’s a huge £1,800,000 in sales!

How It Works

Local Shops is an extremely simple concept that's underpinned by groundbreaking technologies, marketing and business strategy

The Technology

As part of your licenced package you will receive a market-leading fully branded website, mobile app (both IOS and Android) and dashboard allowing both customers and shops a fantastic experience when working with your new business. You will also have full use of our in-built marketing system, delivery system and driver apps too!

The Business

We provide you with a proven business model that has had unprecedented success across the UK. The market leaders are taking millions of pounds a year and huge amounts of business from small local areas and this is your opportunity to have a piece of the pie. No need to worry about any of the legal documentation that baffle so many new business owners, we provide fully branded contracts and waivers and to ensure that you have total coverage and access.

The Results

Once you have added the shops and stores that are local to you, to your new platform you can go live and begin to earn! Our marketing tools and support will allow you to watch your customer-base grow day-on-day and the maths is simple – The more customers, the more orders and the more orders - the more you earn!

Ready To Run Your Own Local Shops Franchise?

6 Steps to Success!

Choose Your Area

You get exclusive rights to our cutting-edge technology in your area meaning you will never come across a competitor who can match you for software.

Get Ready to Launch

Once your site and apps are complete it’s a journey to the top of the download charts, your shops can get their order terminals and they are simply plug and play.

Choose Your Branding

Our design team will work with you to create your own unique brand from developing your logo to creating all of your bespoke marketing tools.

Market, Grow & Grow Again!

Our proven marketing strategies have seen takeaways go from zero to hero in a matter of weeks, toppling the order numbers of some of the world’s biggest chains.

Sign Those Shops

With no sign-up fees and reduced commission rates, signing shops is easy - they will be falling over themselves to be a part of your brand!

Earn, Earn, Earn

For every order placed through your business you are earning and the sky really is the limit in terms of how much you can profit each week from your new business.

Your Apps and Website

Ordering through your app is smooth and just so easy. The stunning design and simplified user-journey puts the market-leaders to shame; elevating you to be the premium choice for users without the premium cost high-commissions bring.

Branded & bespoke app development

Exceptional ordering experiences

Realtime status updates & delivery tracking

Optional delivery network integration

Market-leading hardware integration

The Local Eats Success Story

Local Shops is the sister-company of the record-breaking Local Eats and gives you the opportunity to own your own localised Amazon & Getir competitor and earn in excess of £50,000 in your first year! With our proven business plan and marketing strategy we can quickly propel you to be the market leader in your area. Local Eats sold over 150 franchises in the UK within the first 12 months with almost all areas heavily oversubscribed in terms of enquiries, take a look at the Local Eats success story below…

175+ Locations

Over 175 locations franchised across the UK and Ireland.

Franchisees Profit

Existing franchisees have profited in excess of £80,000 in their first year!

80,000 Weekly Orders

80,000+ Orders placed through our unbeatable technology weekly.

Fastest Selling Franchise

Our parent company Local Eats was the UK's fastest selling franchise in 2021!

£100m Annual Turnover

100m annual turnover with software built to maximise sales and conversions.

Support Local Businesses

Our licensees have saved local businesses over £8m!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked…

– Our software is geared to onboarding licences in rapid time and from the day your licence is secured we commit to having your marketplace ready to launch within just three weeks!
– The setup cost is £8000 per licence and licenses are granted geographically (usually with areas with populations up to 150k). Any areas above a population of 150k will have a slightly higher cost but it will always be relative to your earning potential.
– Discounts can be added to any shop in your marketplace. Discounts can be fixed, or be percentage-based. A minimum basket value can be applied to any discount, and they can be timed, so only available for a week or on a Friday for example. You will also be able to offer discount codes to users.
– Each restaurant can offer Collection or Delivery, and you can turn these options on and off at any time via the Management Portal.
– Each shop in your marketplace has settings for average preparation time, and average delivery time. A customer ordering for collection needs to wait for the average preparation time, and a customer ordering a delivery waits for the preparation time plus the delivery time. The time the customer can expect their order to be ready is shown through the order process.
– When adding an item to your menu you can flag it as age restricted. If a customer orders an age restricted item this is shown on the receipt, so that your delivery driver can ask for proof of age. Your drivers should always deliver to the address shown on the receipt and proof of age should be in the same name as the order. More guidance is available here
– Our package comes with bespoke branded customer ordering clients: Desktop Website, Mobile Android App (Submitted to the Play Store) and iOS App (Submitted to the Apple Store)
– Lower commission rates than the likes of amazon, tap into younger market, local customers service and a contestant and effective way of marketing their business to local customers.
– Absolutely! Outside of earning from order commissions, you could add your own shop to the platform or create your own ghost store for deliveries and extra profits.

Ready to run your own business?

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